Definition of U-turn in English:



  • 1The turning of a vehicle in a U-shaped course so as to face in the opposite direction.

    ‘the car made a U-turn and headed back at high speed’
    • ‘The town's Mayor, who has visited the scene with her own three children, said that motorists were also doing U-turns on the road and that could cause a problem for other road users.’
    • ‘But once you're significantly off course, you can't just simply do a quick U-turn to get back on track.’
    • ‘He made a U-turn and pulled me over and kept me on the side of the road for half an hour.’
    • ‘Faith slammed on the brakes, and made a U-turn in the middle of the empty street.’
    • ‘The robbers then did a U-turn in the road and drove back in the direction of the Post Office.’
    • ‘The car made a U-turn, the men in the car yelling and gesturing angrily at me.’
    • ‘Making a U-turn, she drove a block before turning into the parking lot of an older apartment building.’
    • ‘Sighing again, and taking a deep breath, she turned the car into a U-turn and drove in the opposite direction.’
    • ‘It was another struggle to join the mainstream traffic and make the U-turn to head home.’
    • ‘The van did a handbrake U-turn and was soon headed back to Surfer's Paradise.’
    • ‘The rear car was hit, and the front car sped off and made a U-turn, but it too was hit.’
    • ‘I made a U-turn on the taxiway and headed back to the line to get it checked.’
    • ‘And if I take the wrong road the car has such a tiny turning circle I can do a quick U-turn and head back the other way.’
    • ‘The flag came down and five cars raced down the road, made a U-turn and came racing back.’
    • ‘He offered me a wave before doing a quick U-turn and exiting the parking lot.’
    • ‘She lost track of the turns and U-turns she made.’
    • ‘The convoy then made several navigational errors, which required the slow, lumbering vehicles to make two U-turns in the middle of hostile territory.’
    • ‘It even boasts an impressively small turning circle for easy U-turns in most suburban streets.’
    • ‘He turned the flashers on just before he made a U-turn, heading back in the direction he'd come.’
    • ‘He saw cars turning U-turns and heading toward the building.’
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    1. 1.1 A change of plan, especially a reversal of political policy.
      ‘another U-turn by the government’
      • ‘What I am getting fascinated by is a clear sign that two parties in this Parliament are doing U-turns on this policy.’
      • ‘The Executive did a U-turn in its plans for motorway tolls more than two years ago, largely due to pressure from business.’
      • ‘The public inquiry could be called off, however, if councillors accept the officers' advice and do a U-turn on their previous decision.’
      • ‘Education chiefs have performed a dramatic U-turn on plans to radically redraw Bradford's school calendar.’
      • ‘They claim the council has made a U-turn, leaving residents unsure whether the link road will be a local distributor road or a by-pass.’
      • ‘He was forced into a U-turn after a furious reaction to his plans not to travel to Normandy.’
      • ‘A vicar has done a dramatic 11 th hour U-turn over controversial plans to set up a mobile phone mast on top of a church tower.’
      • ‘Salford council has made a U-turn over plans to crack down on grave ornaments.’
      • ‘His apparent U-turn on Europe, driven it seems by ambition, destroys his personal credibility.’
      • ‘They have made a complete U-turn and totally turned around to the fact that this is a high priority.’
      • ‘The Government was last night accused of a U-turn in last-minute changes to legislation for disabled people.’
      • ‘Parents in Adlington are celebrating after governors made a unanimous U-turn over controversial plans to rename a school.’
      • ‘Opposition parties attacked the U-turn last night, calling it a concession to commercial interests.’
      • ‘Public anger has forced members of the powerful council cabinet to do a U-turn over plans to slash the budgets of the town's community centres.’
      • ‘It was good to see the Government do a U-turn on that matter.’
      • ‘Executive members of the district council made a U-turn on the issue last Tuesday night.’
      • ‘This year, angry motorists forced Westminster into an embarrassing U-turn over parking on New Year's Day.’
      • ‘However, the company has now made a U-turn on the proposed closure.’
      • ‘Leeds City Council is to perform a dramatic U-turn and drop plans to sell its 9.55 million shares in Leeds United.’
      • ‘Fears of a repeat of collection chaos have led Colchester Council refuse chiefs to consider a U-turn on their ambitious recycling policy.’
      reversal, reversal of policy, volte-face, about-face, sea change, shift, change of heart, change of mind, turnaround, turnround, turnabout, rowback, backtracking, retraction, eating one's words, change of plan
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