Definition of tyuyamunite in English:



mass noun
  • A yellowish earthy mineral which is an ore of uranium. It consists of a hydrated vanadate of calcium and uranium.

    • ‘They are associated with tyuyamunite in Turkistan and with autunite at Bukhova, Bulgaria, and at Mt. Painter, South Australia.’
    • ‘Tyuyamunite is closely related to carnotite as indicated by the chemical formula.’
    • ‘The chemistries are very similar with potassium replacing calcium and a different percentage of water, however the structures are slightly different as tyuyamunite is orthorhombic and carnotite is monoclinic.’
    • ‘The bright-yellow mineral tyuyamunite is one of the most common uranium ore minerals.’
    • ‘When it is exposed to weathering, a thin yellow-green coating of carnotite or tyuyamunite may form on its surface.’


Early 20th century: from Tyuya Muyun, the name of a Kyrgyz village, + -ite.