Definition of tyre kicker in English:

tyre kicker


NZ, Australian
  • 1A person who inspects vehicles for sale with no intention of buying.

    ‘car sales people are familiar with tyre kickers’
    • ‘I didn't tell him to scram about the car, pegging him squarely as a tyre kicker.’
    • ‘He was a tyre kicker, a time-wasting pauper who when he sees a cart for sale walks around it kicking the steel tyres as though he has the necessary.’
    • ‘He's just like the ubiquitous tyre kicker who is looking for a car but with a complete lack of enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Tyre kickers and semi skilled recovery vehicle drivers, not fully trained, qualified mechanics.’
    • ‘The vendor will also see that you are a serious potential purchaser, and not just a clueless tyre kicker.’
    • ‘He talks about the customer as being a tyre kicker and not being qualified to purchase a car from him.’
    • ‘There is the perennial tyre kicker who wastes your sales staff's time.’
    • ‘Car sales people are familiar with "tyre kickers"; those people who come to a showroom, feel the leather seats, ask to start the engine and start feeling if the tyres have enough pressure.’
    1. 1.1 A time-waster.
      ‘when we advertise through the normal job sites we tend to end up with lots of tyre kickers’
      • ‘Too busy for tyre kickers and unreliable workers.’
      • ‘I expect the administrators will talk to plenty of tyre kickers.’
      • ‘I'm not a fan of tyre kickers.’
      • ‘They used to have a surefire way of sorting out the tyre kickers.’
      • ‘In gem shops I am revealed as a total tyre-kicker in the consumption race and I come away empty-handed.’
      • ‘I have had whispers around publishers that the alleged asking price is $2-3.5 million as a tyre-kicker expression of "interest".’
      • ‘With the rabble running the show of course Melbourne are attracting has beens and tyre kickers.’
      • ‘He loitered in the corridor outside, a tyre-kicker awaiting his turn in front of the magistrates.’
      • ‘I'm a cyber tyre-kicker so I was actively looking and it came up on Trade Me.’
      • ‘But the parade of private equity tyre kickers moved on.’