Definition of tyre gauge in English:

tyre gauge


  • A portable pressure gauge for measuring the air pressure in a tyre.

    • ‘Also included in the range are air compressors, digital tyre gauges, spare wheel covers, power inverters and a full range of protective boot liner and floor mats.’
    • ‘Millions of tyre gauges for measuring tyre pressure and tread depth will be distributed to the public at campaign events, by automobile club roadside patrols and at Formula One Grand Prix races;’
    • ‘We searched the Internet and there was nothing except very expensive tyre gauges and sensors transmitting back to the dashboard.’
    • ‘To be honest, I haven't used more than half a dozen tyre gauges in my lifetime, but what strikes me as more useful in this device than its ‘wonderful’ talking mechanism, is its sleek and lightweight design, its battery saving, automatic shut-off feature and its comfortable, curved plastic ‘grip system’.’
    • ‘This dual headed pocket tyre gauge is suitable for all vehicles.’
    • ‘The campaign includes the distribution of 4 million leaflets on road safety measures and risks such as speeding or driving under the influence of intoxicants and 1 million tyre gauges per year.’
    • ‘Your tyre gauge lets out half the air while you're trying to get a reading and then the free air at the service station has stopped working.’
    • ‘The campaign, which was launched in 2005, has now been successfully conducted in almost 80 countries, including Australia, where a quarter of a million tyre gauges have been given to automotive clubs such as the RACV, NRMA and RAA to promote this program to their members.’
    • ‘AccuGage tyre gauges are made in the U.S.A by G.H. Meiser & Co., the worlds largest maker of precision tyre gauges.’
    • ‘This unique light weight digital tyre gauge is convenient and practical way for you to check your tyre pressure measurement, your pressure is displayed on an easy to read LCD display.’
    • ‘This high quality digital tyre pressure gauge has a simple one button operation and automatic shut off.’
    • ‘Everyone was using an assortment of things from keys to matchsticks while juggling torches in their mouths and tyre gauges in their hands in an effort to let their tyres down quickly.’
    • ‘You own far too many tyre gauges, throw all but one away and you will never have this problem again.’
    • ‘Check our online store for jacks/pumps and tyre gauges, wheel trims, car seat covers, roof boxes and much more.’
    • ‘The novel tyre gauge allows the motorist to conduct a cursor check of his or her car to see that the tread depth is above the legal limit of 1.6mm.’
    • ‘On that note, can anyone recommend a really accurate tyre pressure gauge?’
    • ‘It also reports on our tests of a number of new tyre gauges available from auto accessory stores.’
    • ‘The tyre pressure gauges that are utilized on the forecourt to measure your tyre pressures are often hopelessly inadequate.’
    • ‘For sales, and service of all makes of tyre gauges throughout New Zealand contact Airtools'R'us.’
    • ‘This Ring digital tyre gauge has some excellent features.’