Definition of tyrant flycatcher in English:

tyrant flycatcher


  • A New World perching bird that resembles the Old World flycatchers in behaviour, typically with brightly coloured plumage.

    • ‘The two Glades Pipromorphinae and Tyranninae are also strongly supported in this analysis and appear as sister groups, thus supporting the monophyly of the tyrant flycatcher assemblage.’
    • ‘Phoebes belong to the tyrant flycatcher family and are adapted for capturing insects on the wing.’
    • ‘Several pairs of tyrant flycatcher species have been recognized based, at least in part, on vocal differences.’
    • ‘Contrary to the results of the DNA-DNA hybridization study, our data support the monophyly of the entire tyrant flycatcher assemblage and places the Glades Pipromorphinae and Tyranninae as sister groups.’
    • ‘We also spied plenty of tyrant flycatchers, including the aforementioned kingbird, Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Wood-pewee, and an empid.’


Mid 18th century: so named because of its aggressive behaviour towards other birds approaching its nest.