Definition of typological in English:



  • See typology

    • ‘To the extent that we continue to use continental-scale fluted-biface compilations, we also must control for typological differences among primary sources and the different numbers of bifaces that they yield.’
    • ‘Yet there is no consensus on the presence of Clovis bifaces in the Midwest or their typological affinities to Gainey bifaces.’
    • ‘Caution is recommended in our chronological and typological examination of these deposits, since they may contain heirlooms or objects acquired outside the network of generally recognized exchange.’
    • ‘This brief 8-item questionnaire has been validated by applying a method for distinguishing typological from dimensional constructs (taxometric analysis).’
    • ‘However, the above analyses show that routine categorization of this material as ‘Dover chert’ probably is an error, and that typological identifications can be misleading.’