Definition of type site in English:

type site


  • 1Archaeology
    A site where objects or materials regarded as defining the characteristics of a particular period were found.

    • ‘Few plant remains have been recovered from any of the previously excavated sites, including the Millville type site east of Prairie du Chien along the Wisconsin River.’
    • ‘Interpretation of this Sponemann phase type site has been a matter of contention among archaeologists concerned with defining the Late Woodland-Emergent Mississippian transition.’
    • ‘Raddatz points have straight edges and some from the type site were clearly retouched, indicating multiple use as hafted knives.’
    • ‘The fit of the data based on the one type site model reveals a binding constant of 192 M - 1 and a reaction enthalpy of - 6.27 kcal/mol when the monomer concentration was considered for the calculations.’
    • ‘It is the type site for 10 vertebrate genera and 28 vertebrate species.’
    • ‘I'm really hoping to get in with one of the larger historical sites, perhaps the interpretive type sites like villages and fortresses, where you have to look at reproductive clothing and buildings.’
  • 2

    another term for type locality (sense 1)