Definition of type approval in English:

type approval


mass noun
  • Official confirmation from a government or other body that a manufactured item meets required specifications.

    • ‘The fact that a particular device of an approved type later fails a test which is similar to one of the tests required as part of the test scheme used during type approval procedures does not deprive the device of that approval.’
    • ‘It is said to be a ‘Guide to the type approval procedures for evidential breath alcohol testing instruments used for road traffic law enforcement in Great Britain.’’
    • ‘Well, GSM is a broadly acknowledged stable standard, and basically once they run through the test and type approval labs that are certified anywhere in the world, they can be released anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘The device was not therefore to be treated as a ‘device approved by the Secretary of State'. Where an individual device does not comply with type approval standards its use is unlawful and evidence derived from it is inadmissible.’
    • ‘If the device did not perform its functions properly in accordance with type approval technical requirements, it ceased to be an approved device and was unreliable.’
    • ‘Whereas a new Ford Focus, or any mainstream model, will have to undergo exhaustive tests known as European type approval before going on sale, any model of which fewer than 200 examples are produced each year is exempt.’
    • ‘Were we wrong to refuse to issue a witness summons to compel the attendance of Mr Rudrum, the Forensic Science Service advisor to the Home Office on type approval?’
    • ‘The ‘max’ standards are to be met generally as an individual limit in series production and as type approval limit if sales are less than 2000 par vehicle model per year.’
    • ‘Creating a wireless-sponsored technical organization in charge of conducting equipment certification, testing and type approval on behalf of all carriers’
    • ‘For manufacturers, type approval means that all work must be undertaken to the same standards for design, testing and production.’
    • ‘Euro Motors has told potential distributors that the Zhonghua will obtain European type approval by the end of November.’