Definition of tympany in English:



  • another term for tympanites (used especially in veterinary medicine)
    • ‘The problem, of course, is called ruminal tympany or, simply, bloat.’
    • ‘Accordingly, when percussing a patient's abdomen in the presence of ascites, areas of dullness and tympany should shift depending on whether the patient is lying supine or on his or her side.’
    • ‘This pathological condition is called guttural pouch tympany, and surgical treatment is necessary for affected foals to recover from this disease.’
    • ‘Guttural pouch tympany is observed in horses ranging from birth to 1 yr of age and is more common in fillies than in colts.’


Early 16th century: from Greek tumpanias, from tumpanon (see tympanum).