Definition of tympanites in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Swelling of the abdomen with air or gas.

    • ‘When they gave me this information I knew that the tympanites was due to narcotic paralysis, instead of coming from perforative, septic peritonitis, as the general appearance and symptoms indicated.’
    • ‘Abdominal distension with a splashing sound like water, and accompanying dysuria indicates tympanites or ascites.’
    • ‘We remained a gastric tube during operation to prevent intestinal tympanites and to put in medicines that could improve the movement of intestine.’
    • ‘The situation had changed from day before in that there were tenderness and pain in abdomen on pressure, some tympanites and an arrest of usual local discharge.’
    • ‘It must be remembered that over distension makes contraction impossible, i. e., tympanites is paralysis just exactly according to its degree of distension.’


Late Middle English: via late Latin from Greek tumpanitēs, from tumpanon (see tympanum).