Definition of tympanic bone in English:

tympanic bone


  • A small bone supporting the tympanic membrane in some vertebrates.

    • ‘In the region of the ear, the tympanic bone is semicircular, and the petrosal is massive and only loosely bound to the basicranium.’
    • ‘The tympanic bone in the insectivores still forms a simple ring around the middle area, unlike the large capsulelike structure found in higher mammals.’
    • ‘A slip may be given to the tympanic bone, stylomandibular ligament, or mandible at its angle.’
    • ‘The tympanic bone is distinctively annular (ring-shaped).’
    • ‘The aim of this study was to obtain data on the anatomic structure of the tympanic bone using parasagittal reformatted images created from high-resolution axial computed tomographic scans.’