Definition of twopenny-halfpenny in English:



  • Not worthy of consideration or respect; worthless or unimportant.

    ‘a twopenny-halfpenny dictator’
    • ‘It is your little twopenny-halfpenny authors - the sort that would be dear at six for a shilling - that ‘knock off’ things in a few hours.’
    • ‘There was good reason behind such ambitions, for ‘if you were a prince with no gun salute, then every twopenny-halfpenny political Agent could come and visit you every three months and ask to see the accounts.’
    • ‘The ubiquitous twopenny-halfpenny clerk was everywhere, ever present and ever reliable.’
    • ‘I intended to convey that our charming host and hostess were superior to the follies of fashion, and preferred leading a simple and wholesome life to gadding about to twopenny-halfpenny tea-drinking afternoons, and living above their incomes.’
    • ‘Is it ethics - when did it influence your conduct in a twopenny-halfpenny affair between man and man?’
    poor-quality, second-rate, third-rate, substandard, low-grade, inferior, common, vulgar, shoddy, trashy, rubbishy, tawdry, tinny, brassy, worthless, meretricious, cheap and nasty, cheapjack, gimcrack, brummagem, pinchbeck
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