Definition of twonk in English:



  • A stupid or foolish person.

    • ‘Love him or think he's a bit of a twonk with bad facial hair, Craigy treats his audience with a degree of respect.’
    • ‘He is a total twonk.’
    • ‘I was no longer that twonk shouting my business to all and sundry from the corner of a bar or cafe.’
    • ‘Mike, the book of condolence was stolen in Birmingham you clueless twonk.’
    • ‘He used to give me the creeps, the soppy twonk.’
    • ‘This twonk was busting along flat out, at an almighty 12 km/h or so.’
    • ‘I brought the back end in to pick up Graham, praying I didn't meet the same fate and look a complete twonk.’
    • ‘You ungrateful twonk, I'm ashamed you play for that team.’
    • ‘Peer out from behind the regatta bunting and stop being such a twonk.’
    • ‘, and sometimes you wonder whether the twonk who listened to the album, listened to it at all.’
    • ‘I may refer to certain people as "a complete twit" or even "twonk", but I wouldn't never use anything stronger.’
    • ‘And the fact that when he hits her the sound effect actually goes twonk.’
    • ‘You live in Rotherhithe which makes you a twonk!’
    • ‘Who wants dinner and roses in some classy joint when you can be clasping the sweaty hand of some twonk who thinks h's Antonio Banderas?’
    • ‘Oh dear, why is Nicky Campbell on Five Live's breakfast such a twonk?’
    • ‘I find that odd - maybe it's because I'm not a professional photographer, or something, but it's rare that I twonk about with images at all.’


1980s: perhaps a blend of twit or twat and plonker.