Definition of two (or three, four, etc.) of a kind in English:

two (or three, four, etc.) of a kind


  • 1The same or very similar.

    ‘she and her sister were two of a kind’
    • ‘Lizzie, can't you tell, we're two of a kind.’
    • ‘I myself had doubts at first until I went further in and found clothes that are two of a kind.’
    • ‘You're two of a kind - genetically designed to get into trouble - and all we bystanders can do is pick up the pieces and try to stick them back together again afterward.’
    • ‘When I opened my eyes there she was - April from work, with her face up against mine telling me how we were two of a kind, and how we needed to do something about that, her and me.’
    • ‘We're two of a kind, we have a history and we're gonna have a future.’
    • ‘In these tumultuous years, the only constants are Rhett Butler, who sees through all Scarlett's pretenses to recognize that they are two of a kind, and Tara, which Scarlett comes to love as herself.’
    1. 1.1 (of cards) having the same face value but of a different suit.
      • ‘Since the front hand has only 3 cards, only three hand types are possible: three of a kind; one pair; high card.’
      • ‘Also once you have made your meld you can then play sets of 3 of a kind.’