Definition of two-way in English:



  • 1Allowing or involving movement or communication in opposite directions.

    ‘a two-way radio’
    ‘make the interview a two-way process’
    • ‘Teachers and students use Web technology that allows continuous two-way audio dialogue, which is much like talking on the telephone.’
    • ‘A choiceboard is a Web-based tool that allows for real-time, two-way interactions between companies and their customers.’
    • ‘Radu held the view then that communication was a two-way process and members should also approach him if they wanted information.’
    • ‘Be sure trainers are showing the leadership skills necessary to actively engage staff in a two-way communication process.’
    • ‘Canadian Wireless and Data will be sponsoring the project, providing Armstrong with a cell phone, air time and two two-way radios for communication with the station during the broadcast.’
    • ‘I note that it is important to recognize that communication is a two-way process involving both sender and receiver.’
    • ‘The pair used two-way radios to communicate, the paper reported, and if traffic or other conditions weren't acceptable, they would not shoot.’
    • ‘We had a boat each and communicated via two-way radios.’
    • ‘They were led by men on motorcycles with two-way radios.’
    • ‘The smugglers, too, have taken advantage of technology, particularly cell phones and two-way radios that allow them to avoid agents and arrange rides before landing.’
    • ‘The company's Private Ears allow the wearer to hear a two-way radio or cell phone through a wireless earpiece.’
    • ‘Consultation is a two-way process, allowing discussion and amendments to take place.’
    • ‘Phone lines have been cut, two-way radios confiscated.’
    • ‘Researchers at the Koestler Unit think that vision may involve a two-way process, an inward movement of light and an outward projection of mental images.’
    • ‘Since the vS talks to your two-way radio it allows mobile monitoring anywhere within range of the transmitter.’
    • ‘The two-way radio to the mainland was not working and the rough seas prevented the few able-bodied men still on the island from taking the critically ill man to a hospital.’
    • ‘One shop kept its pirated stock in a space above the ceiling, and clerks communicated with two-way radios to have them brought out for customers.’
    • ‘Communication is a two-way process, from board to world and company and in the other direction.’
    • ‘Under the scheme, shopkeepers and staff are issued with two-way radios that enable them to track suspects around the town alerting the police to potential criminals.’
    • ‘Many health care occupancies are installing voice communications systems with both public address and two-way radio communications, according to Carrigan.’
    1. 1.1 Involving two participants.
      ‘a two-way presidential race’
    2. 1.2 (of a switch) permitting a current to be switched on or off from either of two points.
      • ‘But then there was light, and dimmer switches, and two-way switches, and sockets.’
      • ‘With a two-way KVM switch, both client PCs can be in operation while sharing a single monitor.’
      • ‘Q. How do I tell the difference between a three way and a regular on/off or two-way switch?’
      • ‘Since the electrical appliances can be operated with remote control, the need for two-way switches can be done away with.’
      • ‘The two-way switches have the send and end keys as one of their functions and a soft key as another.’


  • two-way street

    • A situation or relationship involving mutual or reciprocal action or obligation.

      ‘trust is a two-way street’
      • ‘Criticism is a two-way street, and people who are prepared to offer it should also be prepared to explain and (in some cases) defend their views.’
      • ‘A partnership is a two-way street, and, like any relationship, you have to give the partner a reason to stay.’
      • ‘I always thought that a relationship was a two-way street, a give and take, but with them, I felt more like their pet dog.’
      • ‘The TCS argues that the relationships between a worker and an organisation are a two-way street.’
      • ‘Like all good relationships, it's a two-way street where everyone benefits.’
      • ‘Usually we think of rain affecting vegetation, but the relationship is actually a two-way street.’
      • ‘It has been less clearly understood that this relationship may well be a two-way street, with causation possibly working in the opposite direction as well.’
      • ‘To my mind, banking relationships are a two-way street.’
      • ‘Civility is a two-way street: you give in order to get.’
      • ‘But this relationship has to be a two-way street.’