Definition of two-up ring in English:

two-up ring


NZ, Australian
  • A site where the gambling game of two-up is played.

    ‘the hotel will be making a giant two-up ring in the car park’
    • ‘In the days of the two-up ring there had to be people to keep the crowds under control.’
    • ‘It seemed most of Hurstville were aware of the two-up ring, and perhaps the police were too’
    • ‘I was sitting at the almost deserted two up ring this particular Sunday afternoon.’
    • ‘He found himself one night at the casino, half-tanked and investing some of his very scarce dollars at the two-up ring.’
    • ‘The harsh discordant laugh of some overjoyed gambler as he struck a jackpot, the whirr of the roulette wheels, the shouts and squeals from the two-up ring.’
    • ‘Taking part in the 'sport of kings' was not the same as lurking in a gambling den shuffling greasy cards, throwing dice in a back alley or tossing coins in a two-up ring.’