Definition of two-up in English:



  • (in Australia and New Zealand) a gambling game in which two coins are tossed in the air and bets are laid as to whether both will fall heads or tails uppermost.

    • ‘The traditional games of two-up could be found being played in front of the Lone Pine monument, and the Royal Australian Navy Band playing traditional Aussie music kept all who attended entertained.’
    • ‘With Anzac Day upon us the minds of many Australians turn to ‘The National Game’ - two-up.’
    • ‘Early in 2003, TAB Limited introduced Spinner, essentially an odds and evens game like two-up.’
    • ‘I'll be content to don my rosemary, have a few games of two-up and take some time apart to think about those brave old diggers who didn't come back and be sure to shake the hands of those who did.’
    • ‘So, in the game of two-up, the ringer would cry ‘Fair go!’ before the spinner tossed the coins.’
    • ‘The crew participated strongly in the traditional game of two-up and fortunately most of their money went to the house with proceeds going to Legacy.’
    • ‘Air Force members introduced US Army and US Air Force members to the traditional Anzac Day game of two-up.’
    • ‘US and British troops attended and later joined the Australians for a Gunfire Breakfast of coffee laced with rum and a demonstration game of two-up.’
    • ‘Alternatively we could play the game of good old Aussie two-up as advocated by our prospective great war time leader J Winston Howard.’
    • ‘The breakfast and game of two-up on the flight deck was a bit of a novelty for the members of USS ESSEX, and a large crowd soon gathered on the gangway of the ESSEX to observe the events occurring on SUCCESS ' flight deck.’