Definition of two-step in English:



  • 1A round dance with a sliding step in march or polka time.

    • ‘The local band, which usually consisted of cornets, slide trombone, violin, clarinet, and bass drum, played at weddings, festivals, and other social occasions, offering waltzes, quadrilles, and two-steps.’
    • ‘The four-piece Quebecois band will be bringing hurdy-gurdies, fiddles, accordions, guitars, and lots of toe-tapping reels and two-steps to the stage, along with waltzes and ballads that will surely help you shake off the cold.’
    • ‘This acoustic ensemble will bring an array of authentic Cajun waltzes, two-steps, and ballads to the stage.’
    • ‘Getting to the top that quickly through internal growth will be tougher than dancing the Texas two-step with your boots on backward.’
    • ‘For me Papa always reserved a rhythmic two-step to the strains of the beautiful old Bob Will's tune ‘Faded Love.’’
    • ‘There were lots of tunes to do the two-step to with your sweetheart.’
    • ‘I may be 230 lb but I can do the splits and dance the Cajun two-step for two hours.’
    • ‘Panico, the dancer from Naples who has been wrapping herself around Maradona's new body through tangos, waltzes, two-steps and cha-cha-chas, arrived in Argentina to learn that she and Diego had had their last dance.’
    • ‘A musical magpie of a record, it steals cheekily from everything from dancehall and reggae to two-step, pop, showtunes, electro, film soundtracks and beyond.’
    • ‘Exiled clansmen and their ladies danced the eightsome reel, the military two-step and slow Scottish waltzes to the music of a bag-piper.’
    • ‘So many straight men hated the two-step that it was perfectly normal for girls to dance together.’
    • ‘In real life, the chances of my being able to dance anything more complex than a two-step are close to zilch.’
    • ‘The whole town turns cowpoke - if you are going, best pack a Stetson and learn to dance the two-step.’
    • ‘Cyrio and Bartha were beginning to pick up the two-step.’
    • ‘Their pace slowed as the fast waltz slowed to a two-step dance that didn't require much movement.’
    • ‘Without the help of the songwriter credits, it'd be hard to glean what songs are the traditional folk standards and which are 50s country two-step.’
    • ‘Many bars and restaurants had dance floors and bands: fiddle, guitar, accordion, drums rattling out another infectious two-step or catering for the less energetic with a graceful waltz.’
    • ‘For attendees who are unfamiliar with the two-step, dance lessons will be available so that everyone can participate.’
    • ‘At least I didn't showcase my spastic version of a two-step or attempt to warble along with the Neville Brothers.’
    • ‘I can just see the hats twirling the rhinestone jeans around in a sweet, well-practiced two-step.’
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    another term for garage (sense 3 of the noun)