Definition of two-spirited in English:



  • (of a member of a North American Indian people) gay, lesbian, or transgender.

    • ‘According to the new constitution, the collective will "strive to be an anti-oppression organisation that welcomes queer, two-spirited, transgender, transsexual, and genderqueer people."’
    • ‘These people were not chosen as community leaders and the elders did not teach the community to follow these two-spirited people.’
    • ‘One exception is Aboriginal nationalism, which includes a tradition of "two-spirited peoples."’
    • ‘Clark also recorded his observations of cross-dressing Native American two-spirited people.’
    • ‘In the two-spirited world I have stumbled on, I found that this group maintains a sense of family and a sense of dignity.’
    • ‘I come from the Native American background of two-spirited people, which allows us to go against the dominant sexual orientation and gender roles of the majority.’