Definition of two-sided in English:



  • 1Having two sides.

    ‘a colourful two-sided leaflet’
    • ‘The stuffed dolls are two-sided - the Arnold one shows his weightlifting persona on one side and his Governator profile on the other.’
    • ‘If you flip the two-sided disc over to side ‘B’ you can find the movie in a 5.1 Dolby surround mix, in both English and Japanese.’
    • ‘The leaflets, two-sided flyers containing computer-generated illustrations of various types of UXO and instructions on what to do if you encounter it, are being distributed to individuals of all ages.’
    • ‘A two-sided photocopied menu lists everything Judy's got - from split pea soup to $7 summer cocktails.’
    • ‘New Line gives us a two-sided disc, with the film and commentary on one side, and the bulk of the special features on the other.’
    • ‘The menu is a simple two-sided laminated number - Farang style on one side and Thai style on the other.’
    • ‘The Beatles would counter with the two-sided single ‘Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane.’’
    • ‘I see this heartfelt plea (all of it) repeated in different layouts in various corners of the two-sided sheet.’
    • ‘The album cover was like a strange two-sided coin.’
    • ‘Mrs Parry said: ‘A two-sided clock could be seen from three directions and would reflect the comings and goings of the workers, which were governed by the clock and a hooter.’’
    • ‘He appears in no fewer than 16 different photographs on his two-sided leaflet.’
    • ‘Duplex scanning allows both sides of a two-sided document to be scanned in a single pass.’
    • ‘VCI's DVD is a two-sided disc with each feature on a separate side and possessed of its own menu.’
    • ‘The two-sided board is bilingual so we'll be able to learn a bit of Irish as well.’
    • ‘This led to a series of two-sided drawings - it didn't matter to the artist which side was shown - that explored what she calls paper's ‘natural geometry.’’
    • ‘For delegates and other surrogates who may get questions from the media, the campaign passes out two-sided laminated cards.’
    • ‘The new two-sided jersey enables the St George cross to be included in the reverse design.’
    • ‘It failed to realise, and fails even now to acknowledge, that closing that particular door and not dealing with the High Court jurisdiction would be to deal with only one side of a two-sided coin.’
    • ‘Suspended on wires attached to metal supports, 26 double-sided frames afford easy viewing of the artist's large, two-sided water-colors that illustrate scenes from his epic tales.’
    • ‘The DVD, like an album, is a two-sided affair with a full screen presentation on one side and the widescreen on the other.’
    1. 1.1 Having two aspects.
      ‘the two-sided nature of the debate’
      • ‘The new rents are an illustration of the value of Xintiandi and also the result of two-sided negotiations.’
      • ‘It was perhaps his way of telling us that the issue of terrorism and violence was two-sided.’
      • ‘[it] is multifaceted and two-sided: It involves sectors of economic, political and cultural life: the urban culture of violence is a synthesis of these facets, so it would be simplistic to reduce it to one of them.’
      • ‘Similarly, Schubert's affliction made public his previously concealed private life, revealing the two-sided nature of his personality.’
      • ‘We see only the U.S. side of a story that is at least two-sided, if not multifaceted.’
      • ‘The two-sided tragedy of liberalism is that it doesn't know its own limits, and neither does it know its own strength.’
      • ‘So, again, we see Mr. Clarke on three sides of a two-sided issue.’
      • ‘It's been my impression that the prevailing contentious issues are pretty much two-sided.’
      • ‘You'd think that he would welcome intelligent, reasoned, two-sided discussion about media's coverage of this controversial story.’
      • ‘Getting deeper into the study of morality showed me that human nature is very much two-sided; for every bad side to our nature, there's a good one.’
      • ‘It's that two-sided nature of the script that is one of the film's great strengths.’
      • ‘This trend, he argues, corrodes the boundaries between the public and the private - the expression of man's two-sided social existence as stranger and friend.’
      • ‘Of course, all fights are two-sided, but you can do your part to make peace.’
      • ‘But this openness about sex and reproduction was another two-sided gift from my mom… in the fifth grade I tried to correct some of my classmates' misconceptions about sex.’
      • ‘Freedom of speech is not one-sided, it's a two-sided thing.’
      • ‘His book details his family's land battles, his brother's notorious murder charge and his uneasy existence in a two-sided world (born of a Maori father and a pakeha mother).’
      • ‘Of course, a two-sided study of human history also puts the lie to the inevitability of capitalist behaviors, but biological determinism confuses the issue and needs to be fought on its own grounds, as well.’
      • ‘The headteacher said: ‘This is a two-sided thing.’’
      • ‘That mid-week upside explosion might have been an inflexion point, ushering in a more two-sided affair.’
      • ‘The streak of white hair that he sports provides a bizarre touch that reflects the two-sided nature of the character's personality.’