Definition of twitter in English:



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  • 1(of a bird) give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds.

    ‘sparrows twittered under the eaves’
    ‘the swallows were settling to roost with a good deal of twittering’
    • ‘Birds twittered happily, as if somehow this was all okay.’
    • ‘It was nice and peaceful up there listening to the birds twittering and the sound of the stream.’
    • ‘From somewhere she could hear the trickle of a stream and the sound of birds, the air smelled clean and fresh and it seemed a a thousand birds were twittering in the trees.’
    • ‘Birds twittered, flying here and there for food, buzzing around the party of travellers as they moved on, towards the horizon.’
    • ‘Birds twittered and snapped up the insect life that failed to scurry away, their songs filling the air with brilliant melody.’
    • ‘I remember looking longingly outside, where the birds twittered in the tall, skinny trees nearby.’
    • ‘The sun is shining, the birds are twittering, palm fronds are waving lazily in the breeze and waves are lapping the shoreline.’
    • ‘As the birds twitter in the winter air at dawn, a burly Iraqi grandmother in black makes bread in an open-air oven for an extended family of 20.’
    • ‘It's always kind of distressing when the dawn cracks the sky open and birds start twittering.’
    • ‘Birds twittered merrily as they fluttered by and squirrels chattered as they raced up and down the limbs gathering nuts.’
    • ‘A silence descended upon the two of us, with the birds twittering over our heads and the horses stamping impatiently beneath us.’
    • ‘Birds twittered in the distance, their singing blending beautifully with the sound of the rippling water.’
    • ‘There were a few trees off in the distance, some small birds twittering and flittering among the branches.’
    • ‘A bird twittering outside her window welcomed Celly back into the land of the waking.’
    • ‘He heard, acutely, birds twittering, the sighing of the wind, the far off sounds of farmers in their distant fields, too distant to be of help.’
    • ‘I could hear birds twittering as they flew from branch to branch, and under it all the low roaring boom of the sea.’
    • ‘It's the first time we've lived anywhere bordering on rural and whereas in town we would get a fair few birds twittering away, here it's like living in an aviary.’
    • ‘The boy began to play that fiddle, and when he did, the animals began to dance, the trees swayed in harmony, the birds twittered with joy, and the wind stayed silent to listen.’
    • ‘The clouds had dispersed, the sky was once more clear and bright with stars, and the awakening birds twittered softly in the gloomy trees.’
    • ‘Oaks swayed overhead, and a bird twittered sharply from far off, its call echoing through the fading blackness.’
    chirp, chirrup, cheep, tweet, peep, chitter, chatter, trill, warble, sing
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    1. 1.1 Talk in a light, high-pitched voice.
      ‘old ladies in the congregation twittered’
      • ‘She twittered and tweeted and seemed to move imperceptibly whilst standing completely still.’
      • ‘‘No, that would be you, Prime Minister,’ the high voice of the Prince twittered and circled about the human's ears.’
    2. 1.2 Talk rapidly and at length in a trivial way.
      ‘he twittered on about buying a new workshop’
      with direct speech ‘‘What a great crowd’, Perry twittered’
      • ‘‘I can't imagine why you are embarrassed [sic] by this minor shortcoming,’ she twitters, adding that 95% of Scots can't sing.’
      • ‘There's a bit of nudging and jostling while they get comfortable on their roost, but then suddenly the twittering stops as though a conductor drops his baton after the final note, then silence.’
      • ‘The only downside was the loud Americans who sat behind us - it was difficult to decide what was more annoying: their constant twittering or the woman's tendency to try and sing along.’
      • ‘Before long, he began twittering quickly then he stopped and produced a fortune out, handing it Cloud.’
      • ‘If she seeks to free women from domestic trivia, why twitter on about chintz?’
      prattle, babble, chatter, prate, gabble, jabber, go on, run on, rattle away, rattle on, yap, jibber-jabber, patter, blather, blether, blither, maunder, ramble, drivel
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  • 2Make a posting on the social media application Twitter.

    ‘many active bloggers are twittering more and more these days’
    • ‘I've seen people twitter in haiku only.’
    • ‘There's 15,000 16,000, almost 15,000 people who are twittering with us.’
    • ‘At the same time, the media dodos who are still in self-denial over devolution continue to twitter, irrespective of the evidence.’
    • ‘Even Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is now twittering to the troops.’


  • 1A series of short, high-pitched calls or sounds.

    ‘his words were cut off by a faint electronic twitter’
    • ‘The melodious chirps, chirrups, tweets, twitters and warbling notes from the winged visitors blend well with the incessant hum, buzz and drone of innumerable insects, to produce the effect of being inside a vast forest.’
    • ‘The twitters of agreement amongst her friends drowned out Raven's plea of, ‘He's not mine…‘’
    • ‘They returned to their previous conversations, with only a few sideways glances and twitters.’
    • ‘His is droning electronic pulses, tones, twitters - an ever-escalating loop of frozen machine-age ominousness.’
    • ‘Around her was a twitter of laughter and several odd looks.’
    • ‘Although ornithologists have amassed vast recorded archives of glides, twitters, and warbles, little is known of the origin and function of avian musicianship.’
    • ‘There wasn't any sound around besides my footsteps on the ground and the occasional twitter of birds.’
    • ‘Replaying his reel-to-reel tape, Jurgenson was stunned when he supposedly heard - between the twitters of the blackbirds - the distinct voice of his mother.’
    • ‘A sweet twitter caught their attention, and Norise crossed to the open window.’
    • ‘Angie couldn't seem to peel herself away from me, her occasional giggles sounding like bells amongst the childish twitters of her younger siblings and the mature chuckles of her elders.’
    • ‘And there was a twitter of laughter and that kind of thing.’
    • ‘There was a hushed twitter among the other Dukes, then silence.’
    • ‘Cassie laughs, not a normal ‘ha that's so funny’ laugh, but a more of a ditzy twitter.’
    • ‘Their song is a bubbly, metallic series of beeps and twitters.’
    • ‘For a minute or two there is nothing but the twitter of indigenous songbirds and the occasional distant laughter of fellow lovers of the game.’
    • ‘Inexplicably, digital noise reduction seems to have been used, which causes frequent twitter along the edges.’
    • ‘Triple notes ring out arrogantly, like three big drops of water dripping loudly into a quiet pool, interspersed with delicate twitters so high - pitched I can barely pick them up.’
    • ‘She wasn't a visitor to the forest, she was part of it - a small bit of herself in every shift of the wind, every leaf, every twitter of birdsong.’
    • ‘A few rats and some crows stirred at his coming and scampered or flew off, releasing angry caws and twitters as they cursed Romon for interrupting their meal.’
    • ‘If you go out of an evening and listen to these birds migrating overhead you hear all sorts of little twitters, most of which don't sound anything like what a normal bird sounds like at all.’
    chirp, chirping, chirrup, chirruping, cheep, cheeping, tweet, tweeting, peep, peeping, chitter, chittering, trill, trilling, warble, warbling
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    1. 1.1mass noun Idle or ignorant talk.
      ‘drawing-room twitter’
      • ‘Lizaveta is so victimized in her abused and tortured twitter that she can't gain our sympathy, especially when she acts like she doesn't understand she'd be better off without the crazy old coot.’
      prattle, chatter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blather, blether, rambling
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  • in (or of) a twitter

    • informal In a state of agitation or excitement.

      ‘he was in a twitter and yelling for help’
      • ‘All of the household servants were in a twitter over the fact that she was finally home again, fussing over her like a child.’
      • ‘The story kicks off as young Prince Alexander assumes the Greek throne in 1917, soon falling in love with the lovely Aspasia Manos and embarking upon a scandalous secret marriage that puts all of Athens in a twitter.’
      • ‘R.'s in a twitter about how the house ‘looks’ which means I have an appointment with the vacuum cleaner.’
      • ‘He was in a pitiable state of reaction, with every nerve in a twitter.’
      • ‘The web design world is certainly in a twitter these days over the use of what are broadly known as Rich Internet Applications, whether they're created in Flash or in the emerging set of tools known as AJAX.’
      panic, frenzy, fluster, flutter, flurry, pother
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Late Middle English (as a verb): imitative.