Definition of twist someone's arm in English:

twist someone's arm


  • Pressurize someone into doing something that they are reluctant to do.

    ‘I've twisted his arm and he'll get you some tickets’
    • ‘When Victoria was in New York recently, she went to see the Jacob and Co designer to twist his arm so he'd donate something for the auction.’
    • ‘Having sang the song at a session on the Saturday night before the World Cup started, a few people twisted my arm to record it for use on radio.’
    • ‘Did she do that on her own, was she forced to do it, was somebody twisting her arm?’
    • ‘‘I never really liked playing tennis, but three weeks ago Sarah twisted my arm,’ she says.’
    • ‘They enjoyed it so much last year they twisted my arm to let them do it again.’
    • ‘‘Community work is compulsive for me - no one's twisting my arm to do the work except myself,’ Val said.’
    • ‘If you twisted my arm and forced me to predict the winner, I'd probably go with the Patriots, for pretty much the same reasons everyone else is picking them.’
    • ‘What you understand is they would do just about anything to have the freedom to believe what they wanted to believe and not have anyone twisting their arm.’
    • ‘A friend of mine who's in charge of organising the conference twisted my arm into being the speaker at the opening session on Friday evening: straight after arrival and dinner.’
    • ‘The next thing we knew, Radio 4 was on the phone and twisted our arm into an interview quickly followed by loads of others.’
    pressurize, coerce, bulldoze, force, railroad
    talk someone into something
    lean on, put the screws on
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