Definition of twirly in English:



  • See twirl

    • ‘It's a drinking song, It's a polka, it's girls in big twirly dresses and they're giving it everything they've got.’
    • ‘In 2000 they installed a couple of tall twirly staircases and a giant spider, sculpted out of steel by Louise Bourgeois.’
    • ‘But I suppose it was too much to expect for him to have a black, twirly moustache and for her to cackle mysteriously from beneath an impenetrable black shroud.’
    • ‘She always does that hair twirly thing when she's anxious, especially during important tests.’
    • ‘She scrunched up her face in reply and then handed me a glass of multi-coloured liquid that was adorned with little paper umbrellas and a twirly straw.’