Definition of twinflower in English:



  • A slender evergreen trailing plant with pairs of very small trumpet-shaped pink flowers in the leaf axils, native to coniferous woodland in northern latitudes.

    Linnaea borealis, family Caprifoliaceae

    • ‘Part way along there was an astonishing profusion of pinkish-white twinflowers alongside the trail.’
    • ‘A floor of twinflowers and a maze of pathways leads to unsuspecting breathtaking areas.’
    • ‘In the old days people wrapped the twinflower round there feet and legs to cure pains.’
    • ‘While twinflower leaves are similar to those of bearberry, they can be differentiated by the presence of the notch and the fact that the leaves emerge in pairs.’
    • ‘Many wildflowers in the habitat belong to the acanthus family, including branched foldwing, Carolina scalystem, Carolina wild petunia, loose-flower water willow, and swamp twinflower.’