Definition of twilight of the gods in English:

twilight of the gods

proper noun

  • (in Scandinavian and Germanic mythology) in the destruction of the gods and the world in a final conflict with the powers of evil.

    • ‘Certainly there is something atavistic about the Scandinavian cosmology, with its fatalistic cycle of war and twilight of the gods.’
    • ‘Instead of Heidegger providing us with harmless nostalgia about the mountains of the Black Forest, as you suggest, we have something more akin to a Wagnerian twilight of the gods.’
    • ‘The only gods who could remember what happened in the twilight of the gods were Hera, Zeus, and Ares, and many of the gods had nothing against Xena.’


Translating Icelandic ragna rökr (see Ragnarök).