Definition of twilight of the gods in English:

twilight of the gods

proper noun

  • (in Scandinavian and Germanic mythology) in the destruction of the gods and the world in a final conflict with the powers of evil.

    • ‘Instead of Heidegger providing us with harmless nostalgia about the mountains of the Black Forest, as you suggest, we have something more akin to a Wagnerian twilight of the gods.’
    • ‘The only gods who could remember what happened in the twilight of the gods were Hera, Zeus, and Ares, and many of the gods had nothing against Xena.’
    • ‘Certainly there is something atavistic about the Scandinavian cosmology, with its fatalistic cycle of war and twilight of the gods.’


Translating Icelandic ragna rökr (see Ragnarök).