Definition of twentyfold in English:


adverb & adjective

  • See twenty

    • ‘Over the course of the twentieth century human population has increased more than threefold and gross world product perhaps twentyfold.’
    • ‘The greater division of labor enables one laborer to accomplish the work of five, 10, or 20 laborers; it therefore increases competition among the laborers fivefold, tenfold, or twentyfold.’
    • ‘The Scottish Refugee Council is facing a twentyfold increase in its client base as refugees are dispersed throughout the UK.’
    • ‘Researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture have shown that just a quarter of a teaspoon to one teaspoon of cinnamon taken with food can help boost metabolism twentyfold.’
    • ‘The first Paris Metro line opened in 1900, carrying 15 million passengers in its first year of operations (a figure that had increased twentyfold by 1909).’