Definition of twelve-inch single in English:

twelve-inch single


  • A record that is 12 inches in diameter and played at 45 rpm, typically featuring an extended or alternative version of a particular track.

    • ‘Also included on a second disc is a fairly inconsequential compilation of twelve-inch remixes that add little to the overall package - most are simply longer versions of the songs on the first disc.’
    • ‘The dance tracks were previously released as twelve-inch singles geared toward the DJ set.’
    • ‘The Sugar Hill Records twelve-inch in its generic sleeve is bagged with their other purchases.’
    • ‘Now, in the safety of the apartment, the other records are put aside while the twelve-inch is plopped on mom's turntable for instant-gratification hilarity.’
    • ‘The first four tracks on the album are taken from an upcoming twelve-inch EP of the same name.’
    • ‘Released on a twelve-inch, the six untitled tracks that comprise Part Two are primed and cut for clubs, recalling the intoxicating pounding excesses of Squarepusher's Big Loada.’