Definition of twelve-gauge in English:



North American
  • A shotgun with a bore corresponding to the diameter of a round bullet of which twelve constitute a pound in weight; a twelve-bore.

    • ‘There were four guards holding twelve-gauge shotguns, two at the giant bronze double doors, and two flanking him.’
    • ‘It was a classic twelve-gauge, from the look of it.’
    • ‘Many of the new weapons, like rubber bullets and twelve-gauge beanbag shotguns, seem legal and relatively innocuous by international standards.’
    • ‘What she carried was revealed to be a sawed-off shotgun, a twelve-gauge side-by-side.’
    • ‘But what if ol’ Kite wakes up and pulls out the twelve-gauge.’
    • ‘The Apache picks up a twelve-gauge, double-barrel, shotgun.’