Definition of twelfth man in English:

twelfth man


  • A player nominated to act as a reserve in a game, typically carrying out duties such as fielding as a substitute, taking out drinks, etc.

    • ‘The teams will include a nominated captain and a twelfth man.’
    • ‘I'd go to practise and turn up to the match and I'd always be the twelfth man.’
    • ‘At cricket grounds people seem most excited by the chance to glimpse a famous face - even if it's the twelfth man carrying a water bottle or a TV commentator stretching his legs.’
    • ‘In the evening as we sat on the large veranda, a discussion took place about the twelfth man being really only good for carrying drinks.’
    • ‘In real life a twelfth man is needed in case of injury to one of the other eleven.’