Definition of tweener in English:



  • 1A person or thing considered to be in between two other recognized categories or types.

    ‘we're a couple of tweeners, born after baby boomers and before generation Xers’
    • ‘He is the classic NBA tweener, shooting a high percentage, but struggling against the bigger bodies down low.’
    • ‘That has come into vogue and you have players who used to be considered tweeners, really just undersized defensive ends, being projected to what is a need position now.’
    • ‘He was a bit of a tweener - not really a true point guard or shooting guard at 6'3.’
    • ‘Smith, a tweener, started three years at left end in the Redhawks' 4-3 defense after beginning his redshirt freshman year at linebacker when that position was depleted by injuries.’
    • ‘As far as coaching, he qualifies as a coaching tweener: too successful to go back to being an assistant but not seasoned enough to warrant another head coaching job.’
    • ‘The tweeners found it a rough night in the trenches.’
    • ‘He is a classic tweener.’
    • ‘The Pro Bowl team is picked with a 4-3 defense in mind, and Smith - a 3-4 end who would be a tweener on some four-man fronts - ultimately gets snubbed here.’
    • ‘A tweener who was a 4-3 defensive end in college, Washington signed with the Texans after the draft and was cut at the end of training camp.’
    • ‘Respect has been hard to come by for the Syracuse product, who was touted as an underachiever in college is expected to be a tweener in the pros.’
    • ‘He's just what the Knicks need, another tweener who is too slow to play small forward and too soft to play power forward.’
    • ‘At 6-feet - 10, 240 pounds, he is the definition of a tweener, a small forward buried inside a power forward's body.’
    • ‘Baxter's a bit of a tweener - not big enough to lead block, not quite fast enough to be the every down back in the NFL, despite his productivity in college.’
    • ‘He is sort of a tweener, because he could also be in Group Four.’
    • ‘While both belong in the back end of a rotation, our next three pitchers are tweeners.’
    • ‘Sizewise, he is what I'd call a tweener.’
    • ‘He is a classic tweener - an edge rusher who is somewhere between a defensive end and an outside linebacker.’
    • ‘They felt he was a limited guy, sort of a safety-linebacker tweener who lacked size at linebacker and speed at safety.’
    • ‘Huber was the prized jewel of the Met system a few years ago, but became a bit of a tweener between catcher and first base in recent years.’
    • ‘The Texans have added two tweeners, but nothing they have done in the NFL to date suggests that either of these linebackers will upgrade the Houston pass rush.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for tweenager
      • ‘Seven quick ticks on a stopwatch is all the time they have to win over the world's most discerning consumers: toddlers, grade-schoolers, and tweeners.’
      • ‘And here it is, gussied up, cleaned off, and served to this goggling tweener / early teen audience as hip.’
      • ‘All those remote-control toys bought for tweeners get played with for an hour or two and then get sunk into the miasma of a child's bedroom.’
      • ‘He clearly adores his kids, who are all stalwart, funny and, for tweeners, preternaturally considerate.’
      • ‘I'd like item and brand suggestions for other beauty/health products that appeal to tweener girls.’