Definition of tweediness in English:



  • See tweedy

    • ‘No actor has ever taken an on-screen beating better, and no one's ever shifted as effortlessly between tweediness and scruffiness.’
    • ‘I wanted as much of the tweediness as I could manage, and a fairly homogeneous color, so I plied two bobbins of two-ply yarn and then plied the results together.’
    • ‘I didn't realize that yarn had that tweediness to it… I love it even more now.’
    • ‘I wanted an ostentatiously tweed jacket that would demonstrate by its utter tweediness that it was better (ie, more expensive) than any other - and maybe suggest by its elegance that I'd ascended out of my class into a better one.’
    • ‘That's really nice looking, but a little tweediness would have been nice, unless its leather, then forget everything I said.’