Definition of twaddler in English:



  • See twaddle

    • ‘This country, you may have noticed, is rife with such narrow-brained twaddlers.’
    • ‘There's nothing terrible about twaddlers - they're just beginning to test their independence, influence and control.’
    • ‘She is a vivacious American actress who pulls off portraying anything from menaces to twaddlers, and whose versatility and range have earned her a solid reputation in a business that otherwise focuses on exteriors and beauty in female performers.’
    • ‘Before his letters came to light in 1815, Fronto had been idealized as the wise counsellor of a philosophic emperor; afterwards an exaggerated reaction dismissed him as a futile twaddler.’
    • ‘Amid these twaddlers he presents the formidable front of a man with meaning, confident of his cause, and devoted to it with all his faculty.’