Definition of tuxedo cat in English:

tuxedo cat


North American
  • A black cat with white markings on its front and paws.

    ‘a tuxedo cat waiting to be adopted’
    • ‘This guy was a tuxedo cat who basically would do anything I said.’
    • ‘I have a green-eyed tuxedo cat with the exact same stature.’
    • ‘Wadsworth, the golden-eyed tuxedo cat, began life as a sickly runt who was abandoned at an English pub called Horse and Jockey.’
    • ‘Although a tuxedo cat like Zorro, Achilles had a "smoke" coat, so even his black hairs had white roots.’
    • ‘Soon I was mom to a tuxedo cat, Boots, who hung out on my porch until I let her inside for keeps.’
    • ‘Moo, an adorable tuxedo cat, excitedly welcomes her human home after three days away in this video.’
    • ‘Believe it or not, I have taught my tuxedo cat to hunt squirrels and other wild game with me.’
    • ‘It suddenly occurred to us, however, that we also own a tuxedo cat that sits on my shoulder like a news camera.’
    • ‘Jeeves is a long-haired black and white tuxedo cat who is a veritable dishrag of love.’
    • ‘In midsummer, this very slight, sickly-looking tuxedo cat started showing up.’


1950s: from the supposed resemblance of the animal's markings to a black dinner jacket (or tuxedo) worn with a white shirt.