Definition of tutsan in English:



  • A Eurasian St John's wort with large aromatic leaves and a berrylike fruit, formerly used medicinally.

    Hypericum androsaemum, family Guttiferae

    • ‘From its reputation as a cure-all, comes the obscure name of the plant ‘tutsan’ which is a corruption of the French La toute-saine - meaning ‘all-heal’.’
    • ‘Willows are among the major targets, along with tutsan, St Peter's wort, Vietnamese mint and blue water-speedwell.’
    • ‘Mitotic inhibitors were used on seed or meristem material to produce tetraploid plants or sectors of plants of selected clones of amur maple, Norway maple, mimosa, trumpet vine, tutsan St. Johnswort, goldenraintree, privet, callery pear, and lacebark elm.’
    • ‘I have extended my investigations on tutsan and have obtained from its leaves samples of hyperin (3 - D (+) galactosidylquercetin) 2-4, and from its berries nonacosane.’


Late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French tutsaine ‘all wholesome’.