Definition of turret shell in English:

turret shell


  • A mollusc with a long, slender, pointed spiral shell, typically brightly coloured and living in tropical seas.

    Family Turitellidae, class Gastropoda: Turitella and other genera

    • ‘Fossil turret shells, fig shells, and cockles indicate that the marine waters off the coast were warm.’
    • ‘Where I'm walking there aren't many shells, but there are some small turret shells, karire in Maori, zeacolpus symmetricus.’
    • ‘Only two other groups of gastropods are capable of toxic bites: the auger shells (family Terebridae) and the turret shells (family Turridae).’
    • ‘Typically, shells of this family are shaped like long, slender augers or screws, which are very similar to Turritellidae, or turret shells.’
    • ‘The dead shells of turret shell provide homes for hermit crabs, which can be extremely dense in patches.’