Definition of turntablist in English:



  • A DJ who is an expert in sampling, scratching, and similar techniques.

    • ‘You realise there is no drummer, no keyboard player, and no turntablist.’
    • ‘The Brooklyn-based half-Asian MC and turntablist relates tales from a changing New York City with intelligence, humour and honesty.’
    • ‘The Japanese turntablist has been successfully merging the parallel worlds of drum 'n' bass and hip-hop for the past decade.’
    • ‘Scratching from the turntablist really gets you moving.’
    • ‘This rapper and turntablist have perfect names, which combine together to evoke old-school teamwork and MC-DJ balance.’
    • ‘They're the top turntablists in the world and we're going to be forced to choose between them!’
    • ‘The young turntablist quickly partnered with neighbor Fredy Blast.’
    • ‘Remember how, as he got older, he continued to grow as both a turntablist and a man-child?’
    • ‘Willner has also been reborn as a turntablist, though he's not much of a scratcher.’
    • ‘What do you think DJs and turntablists have been doing illegally for almost 15 years in dance clubs from Berlin to L.A.?’
    • ‘He swept the world with his prodigious DJing talents and made Montreal proud to foster a new generation of turntablists.’
    • ‘He is one of the world's more notable turntablists, demonstrating both strong composition skills and an anything-goes aesthetic.’
    • ‘He makes a jazz album first, and then allows separate ground for the turntablists to remix five of the original tracks.’
    • ‘As their budgets have increased, their music has become correspondingly more ambitious, embracing big ensembles along with bedroom turntablists.’
    • ‘I just love the idea of a guest appearance by a turntablist - what a concept.’
    • ‘Did you ever feel like it was a requirement to go from battle DJ and turntablist to hip hop production?’
    • ‘They played the beats that form the foundations of hip-hop, the core tools in any turntablist's arsenal.’
    • ‘What distinguishes the DJ from other turntablists is the way he constantly stretches the boundaries of electronic music.’
    • ‘Keyboardist, Kamal Gray, and human turntablist, Scratch, become members of the band.’
    • ‘The contest pits area turntablists and lyricists against each other in a frenzy of tight rhymes and hot beats.’