Definition of turnip tops in English:

turnip tops

(US turnip greens)

plural noun

  • The leaves of a turnip eaten as a vegetable.

    • ‘A typical meal would consist of pork, greens like turnip tops, collard, kale and mustard, and cornbread.’
    • ‘Women cut turnip greens piling them in buckets.’
    • ‘Folate is found naturally in dark leafy green vegetables, like spinach and turnip greens, citrus fruits and juices, and dried beans and peas.’
    • ‘Remove the lid from the clam pan and throw in the turnip tops, chard or spinach, and stir.’
    • ‘We had an extremely nutritious soup and salad, and I gratefully devoured sliced and peculiarly tasty turnip greens with green kale, onions, tomatoes, and peppers.’
    • ‘Because I've made it, I can rescue anyone who hasn't planned ahead to grow the beet or turnip greens the recipe specifies.’
    • ‘Nao was a person who wouldn't even throw away the wilted leaves of turnip greens.’
    • ‘Be sure to try the turnip greens, corn bread, and peach cobbler.’
    • ‘The restaurant doesn't serve turnip greens on Sundays.’
    • ‘He smiles as he talks about ‘Ho Cake,’ a song on the first album that describes granny cooking turnip greens and macaroni and cheese.’