Definition of turning in English:



  • 1A place where a road branches off from another.

    ‘take the first turning on the right’
    • ‘By law, cars are not supposed to park within 50m of the turning into Northdown Road but this is ignored and nobody ever puts the law into action.’
    • ‘What I have to do then is erect signposts at all the junctions where there are wrong turnings so as to help people past the danger points.’
    • ‘The present bypass has no side turnings at all between its roundabouts at either end and provides free and unobstructed traffic flow.’
    • ‘Although there was still a way to go, he began instinctively to search for the turning which led to the track running from the road to the house.’
    • ‘She wasn't sure which way she was to go, so she kept taking turnings down lanes which she thought would lead northwards.’
    • ‘Police said the man drove towards her home in Beeston, but deliberately took a wrong turning along Moor Road.’
    • ‘But their course was straight, no turnings, no winding.’
    • ‘Overtaking at junctions and turnings is not to be allowed.’
    • ‘Those wrong turnings and wrong streets also delay your journey home.’
    • ‘Sherry's just taken a wrong turning into a very dead end.’
    • ‘After some wrangles and wrong turnings, we found Trish's place.’
    • ‘A new turning and drop-off area for traffic outside the school gates is to be provided as part of the overall scheme.’
    • ‘She pointed to the controlled crossing in the Bath road near the Manton turning which had proved a great success.’
    • ‘He took the last turning before the road that led to the school, and smacked straight into someone.’
    • ‘Some of these turnings are small and some are large.’
    • ‘Through the steamed-up windows I could see that we were driving along Moor Lane, but that we had missed our usual turning and were heading towards the ring road.’
    turn-off, turn, side road, exit
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  • 2mass noun The action or skill of using a lathe.

    1. 2.1turnings Shavings of wood resulting from turning wood on a lathe.