Definition of turn to ashes in one's mouth in English:

turn to ashes in one's mouth


  • Become bitterly disappointing or worthless.

    ‘take care your dreams don't turn to ashes in your mouth’
    • ‘How quickly those hopeful words turned to ashes in his mouth as barely had the phrase left his lips than Dulwich had found the net for a fifth time.’
    • ‘Micki pushed her plate back, the last mouthful of omelet turning to ashes in her mouth.’
    • ‘But somewhere in most people's telling of the tale, brave Sir Roger somehow morphs into a sort of bad teddy bear, and Prince David's freedom and joy turn to ashes in his mouth.’
    • ‘May the victory that he has won turn to ashes in his mouth, and may he know sorrow greater than any he has caused to us.’