Definition of turn tail in English:

turn tail


  • Turn round and run away.

    • ‘She turned tail and fled.’
    • ‘Well-established companies have turned tail and fled the industry because it's just too tough.’
    • ‘David is forced to either find some courage quickly, or turn tail and flee.’
    • ‘Both robbers turned tail and fled.’
    • ‘She turned tail to flee.’
    • ‘The diesel engine that shunts the little guard's van turns tail and pulls them home to Waitara.’
    • ‘I would have turned tail and fled from such a place had I not needed the money.’
    • ‘We'll call it a draw, and turn tail and flee.’
    • ‘Many of the guests turned tail and fled.’
    • ‘Upon reaching the end section of low beddings we turned tail and beat a hasty retreat!’
    run away, flee, bolt, make off, take to one's heels, show someone a clean pair of heels, cut and run, beat a retreat, beat a hasty retreat
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