Definition of turn something up in English:

turn something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Increase the volume or strength of sound, heat, etc. by turning a knob or switch on a device.

    ‘she turned the sound up’
    • ‘I reached over quickly and turned on my stereo, turning the volume knob up, trying to cover up the sound of the clock.’
    • ‘Reaching the water spigot, he unscrews the sprinkler head then turns the water pressure up full blast.’
    • ‘One of the best things about helping out at a theatre is getting to turn the sound up to eleven.’
    • ‘Stokes turns the lights up, and looks Daphne over.’
    • ‘At the sight of a familiar photograph of the Interdimensional Gateway in Moscow, he hurriedly turned the sound up.’
    • ‘Nick motions for Anna to back away and he turns the television up.’
    • ‘They'd turned the sound system up, to compensate for the decorating noise I imagine.’
    • ‘‘One problem most variable handgun scopes have is as you turn the magnification up, your eye relief shortens,’ Lalik said.’
    • ‘While I could turn the volume up to 100% and still tolerate the sound, it was not something that I did often.’
    • ‘Every now and then he turns the amp up all the way and tries to imitate moves by his favorite artists.’
    increase, raise, amplify, make louder, intensify
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  • 2Reveal or discover something.

    ‘New Yorkers confidently expect the inquiry to turn up nothing’
    discover, uncover, unearth, bring to light, find, hit on, dig up, ferret out, root out, expose
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  • 3Shorten a garment by raising the hem.

    • ‘Sew all vertical seams, then turn the lining up into the skirt and catch it in the waistband.’
    • ‘On a sectioned shade, clip the corners at the shade lower edge so they form a miter when the hem is turned up.’
    • ‘Turn it up and stitch it.’
    take up, raise
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