Definition of turn something round (or around) in English:

turn something round (or around)

phrasal verb

  • 1Prepare a ship or aircraft for its return journey.

    ‘cleanliness also shortens the time it takes to turn a ship round’
    • ‘Instead of 140 men taking two days to unload and load 16 years ago, a ship nowadays can be turned around in less than a day by fewer than 50 people.’
    • ‘Fewer inspections did not necessarily mean a ship could be turned around at a US port faster than before.’
  • 2Reverse the previously poor performance of an organization and make it successful.

    ‘the combination of skills and commitment in a workforce can turn a company round’
    • ‘This new appointment is expected to help the firm turn its poor performance around.’
    • ‘We have turned it around, performance-wise, but it is just about getting some points on the board.’
    • ‘Jim stepped back into the organization as president and turned it around.’
    • ‘This is a company which has turned its performance round.’
    • ‘Certainly, it's not everybody who can turn her life around successfully, but Wang possesses a flair for succeeding in whatever she does.’
    • ‘Li said the company is now concentrating on consolidating firms the group has already acquired and turning them around, as many have not been performing well.’
    • ‘His appointment is likely based on his previous performance, where he turned the company around in a period of less than 24 months.’
    • ‘Whether fine-tuning a business, or turning it around completely, this book provides the answers for successfully meeting your goals.’
    • ‘The performance reflects the progress in turning the company around.’
    • ‘The 18-year-old, from Westlea, who has turned her life around with the organisation's help, says she is proof that the project works.’