Definition of turn something over in one's mind in English:

turn something over in one's mind


  • Think about something thoroughly.

    ‘he turned over in his mind what to say next’
    • ‘There was a long pause while he studied her, turning something over in his mind.’
    • ‘Geneva thoroughly turned this subject over in her mind and pondered upon it.’
    • ‘He turned it over in his mind trying to sift it to see what it was.’
    • ‘But Catholicism is not a matter of taking a random set of moral abstractions, turning them over in one's mind, and deciding that they're pretty good guidelines to live by.’
    • ‘The man turns it over in his mind, chewing on his bottom lip.’
    • ‘Catherine pondered for a moment pretending to turn the thought over in her mind.’
    • ‘He gave it due consideration, turning the idea over in his mind.’
    • ‘He selects each person here with care, patiently turning them over in his mind, studying them with his kind eyes.’
    • ‘Zareni turned the thoughts over in his mind, knowing he had to tell his companions and not knowing how.’
    • ‘As she walks away, he turns ideas over in his mind.’
    consider, contemplate, think about, give thought to, entertain the idea of, deliberate about, turn over in one's mind, mull over, chew over, reflect on, ruminate about, muse on
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