Definition of turn something over in English:

turn something over

phrasal verb

  • 1Cause an engine to run.

    ‘remember to turn the engine over occasionally in the cold weather’
    • ‘I turned the engine over.’
    • ‘By the time I'm turning the engine over, it'll be too late for Dad to stop me.’
    • ‘Turn the engine over in five-second bursts three or four times to allow the oil to circulate.’
    • ‘We have turned the engine over with the help of a battery.’
    • ‘‘The main task is to raise the engine temperature before we turn it over,’ explains Paul.’
    • ‘Inside, pausing to wipe and polish my spectacles before I turned the engine over and drove home, I listened to the faint sounds of water running off the car and dripping down to the pavement.’
    • ‘He turned the engine over and as they pulled away from the curb, he glanced at her before he concentrated on the road.’
    • ‘You have to turn the engine over.’
    • ‘He tried to turn the engine over again and to his relief it burst into life.’
    • ‘It's the musical equivalent of a car that won't start, no matter how many times you pump the gas pedal or turn the engine over and hear that brief, sputtering roar.’
  • 2Transfer control or management of something to someone else.

    ‘a plan to turn the pub over to a new manager’
    • ‘They have decided to dodge responsibility for the company by turning its management over to states and private entities.’
    • ‘The taxpayer funded the building of the Auckland Central Remand Prison, and the previous National Government turned the state-of-the-art facility over to the private sector to manage.’
    • ‘They chose a ranch and decided to turn it over to a property management company to rent out for them.’
    • ‘The organization promised to provide three years of support, then turn the center over for local management.’
    • ‘He turned it over to the Yukon Arts Council, which formed a committee to develop a program for the house.’
    • ‘The county can't do the job itself, and plans to turn the hospital over to a private management team.’
    • ‘You need to extricate yourself from management and turn it over to people who are good at it.’
    • ‘I had thought that it was simply saying that such documents shouldn't be turned over, since turning them over would deter some future government employees from giving the most candid possible advice.’
    • ‘Last night we had 39 assists and very few turnovers and tonight we turned the ball over a bunch without being pressed, and didn't shoot well from the free throw line and still won by 29.’
    • ‘I don't see the merit of turning any control over to him in the near future.’
    transfer, hand over, pass on, give, consign, assign, commit
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  • 3Change the function or use of something.

    ‘the works was turned over to the production of aircraft parts’
    • ‘It seems every largish building without any modern purpose has been turned over to exhibition space.’
    • ‘Part of the current site will be turned over to all-weather sports pitches.’
    • ‘A strip of countryside either side of a country road has been turned over to housing.’
    • ‘The three cardboard boxes exploded components all over the kitchen work surfaces and into the dining room, where the table was turned over to an assembly bench.’
    • ‘They were being cleared from their homes so that the land could be turned over to sheep, a process the estate owners characterised as ‘improvement’.’
    • ‘The base was turned over to be a civilian operation.’
    • ‘He sees a day when the countryside has been turned over to vast farming factories.’
    • ‘The defunct land would be turned over to housing.’
  • 4informal Rob a place.

    ‘what about that girl's bedroom that got turned over?’
    burgle, steal from, hold up, break into
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  • 5(of a business) have a turnover of a specified amount.

    ‘last year the company turned over £12 million’
    • ‘Do we want to pay up to 300,000 for a shop that only turns over 20,000 a week?’
    • ‘AWG Developments, which turns over in excess of £150m per year, employs around 200 people, mainly in Scotland.’
    • ‘James is the executive chairman of a diverse media and gaming empire which turns over almost $3 billion a year.’
    • ‘He said Concorde, founded 25 years ago which turns over around £3.5 million a year, was enjoying great success in the spooling market.’
    • ‘Today, Freshgrowers turns over about £10m and accounts for about ten per cent of the UK's carrot production.’
    • ‘This already turns over £45m and employs 80 people.’
    • ‘Now the bazaars are packed, traffic jams are common, mobile phones are everywhere and the money market turns over $10 million each week.’
    • ‘Australia's textile, clothing and footwear industry turns over $9 billion a year.’
    • ‘Not bad for a profitable 20-person business that turns over £2.2 million.’
    • ‘Further education is now big business, and the College turns over 34m a year.’