Definition of turn something off in English:

turn something off

phrasal verb

  • 1Stop the operation or flow of something by means of a tap, switch, or button.

    ‘remember to turn off the gas’
    • ‘He pressed the stop button and turned the music off, apologizing.’
    • ‘Its neatest feature is a little button that turns the wireless card off and on, so that it doesn't suck power when you're not using it.’
    • ‘I just stopped long enough to turn the gas off at the mains and then got out.’
    • ‘You'd need to press the ‘start’ button to turn the engine off.’
    • ‘She jabbed at the button to turn the alarm off, and it stopped its absurd shrieking.’
    • ‘He found the remote with one hand and pressed a button, turning it off.’
    • ‘Hastily, he hit a button to turn the pager off.’
    • ‘The radio alarm clock goes off at five sharp, and of course I can't find the button to turn it off.’
    • ‘The second button turns it off.’
    • ‘She hit the send button, then turned her computer off and went for a walk.’
    turn off, shut off, flick off, stop working, cut, power down, stop, halt, deactivate
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    1. 1.1 Adjust a tap or switch in order to stop the operation or flow of something.
      • ‘Visualize a stop sign - imagine closing a spigot - or imagine turning a light switch off.’
      • ‘The purple haze shut off at once, as if a light switch had been turned off.’
      • ‘You turn the switch off chemically and it stops the production.’
      • ‘Princess Gwen growled in her throat, and turned the switch off.’
      • ‘Timers, professors at the university have found, waste money since they condition students to never turn a light switch off.’
      • ‘He turned the switch off not even waiting for an answer.’
      • ‘Sure enough, someone - probably me - had turned the wireless switch off and I failed to notice it.’
      • ‘But as soon as Chelsea threw open the great double doors of the stadium, it was like turning the volume switch off completely.’
      • ‘I looked at the switch and saw that it was turned off.’
      • ‘How long can you stand to hold your child while he turns the light switch off and on?’
      switch off, turn out, put off, shut off, power down, flick off, extinguish, deactivate, trip
      switch off, turn off, put off, shut off, flick off
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