Definition of turn someone out in English:

turn someone out

phrasal verb

  • 1Eject or expel someone from a place.

    ‘his landlord could turn him out at any time’
    • ‘I will turn you out of my house and send you back to your father.’
    • ‘The voters would turn him out of office the minute the war was over.’
    • ‘You would regret turning me out’
    • ‘He takes everything and turns me out on the streets.’
    • ‘This time I've got a clear preference that the incumbent be turned out, and a clear threshold difference with the Libertarian.’
    • ‘He wouldn't be surprised if his uncle turned him out tomorrow.’
    • ‘One could imagine him twirling his moustache and turning his confrères out of the house into the snow for non-payment of rent, but this did not seem quite appropriate for a corporate lawyer who is aiming to steal the hero's company.’
    • ‘In their arrogance they assumed that no landlord would ever try to turn them out.’
    • ‘Her brother turns her out of the house.’
    • ‘He's dangerous and immoral and deserves to be turned out at the next election.’
    throw out, put out, eject, evict
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  • 2Military
    Call a guard from the guardroom.

    • ‘The local magistrate read the riot act and 2nd Battalion the Royal Warwickshire Regiment was turned out to clear the area.’
    • ‘All of the Royal Guard was turned out for the Jovian envoys and he was in charge of it all.’
  • 3be turned outBe dressed in the manner specified.

    ‘she was smartly turned out and as well groomed as always’
    • ‘Ballinkillen's under-10 team were turned out in style at the county blitz finals against Carlow town recently in their brand new jerseys that were sponsored by a local Borris business.’