Definition of turn someone on to in English:

turn someone on to

phrasal verb

  • Cause someone to become interested or involved in (something, especially drugs)

    ‘he turned her on to heroin’
    • ‘I'm interested in making a difference in their life and turning them on to something.’
    • ‘Weatherall has turned Holmes on to much more modern electronica.’
    • ‘This past summer in LA, he turned me on to what became my favorite places.’
    • ‘It still seems rather obscure that you were turned on to this particular video.’
    • ‘She turned me on to so many things.’
    • ‘The doctor should really be the one turning you on to this stuff.’
    • ‘A small town girl meets up with a leather jacket clad stranger who turns her on to the magic of rock n ‘roll.’
    • ‘Recent trips to Europe have turned them on to how avant-garde what they're doing is.’
    • ‘He has turned me on to so many new interests, as well.’
    • ‘If he turns you on to something that genuinely interests you, great.’