Definition of turn someone away in English:

turn someone away

phrasal verb

  • Refuse to allow someone to enter or pass through a place.

    ‘tourists were turned away at the crossing points’
    • ‘Cleopatra enters, and he turns her away, saying that he wishes that Caesar will capture her and make a public spectacle of her.’
    • ‘Hospitals aren't legally allowed to turn you away.’
    • ‘My passport says I have been refused entry so they may turn me away again.’
    • ‘Reception staff turned her away.’
    • ‘She was turned away as caps are not allowed to be worn in the bar.’
    • ‘We could not turn her away and allowed her in our walls.’
    • ‘What if they are turned away?’
    • ‘Until recently it was almost standard practice that you would be turned away from hospital.’
    • ‘For some reason, we were turned away from several gates.’
    • ‘We all know what Jody can do so we thought we'd test the water but we were turned away.’
    refuse admittance to, send away
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