Definition of turn over in English:

turn over

phrasal verb

  • (of an engine) start or continue to run properly.

    ‘the engine turned over when we tried it with the starter handle’
    • ‘The engine ground a couple of times, then turned over with a growl I hadn't heard for a long time.’
    • ‘Once the engine turns over, it's off to the races.’
    • ‘As soon as he heard the Jeep engine turn over, he bent over the sink and spat the medicine out.’
    • ‘The engines may kick back if the ignition is turned on before the engines start turning over.’
    • ‘With a spin of the crank handle the engine turns over easily and off she rattles on her iron tyres.’
    • ‘The engine whined but didn't turn over, and she felt blood trickle from her lip as she bit back a screaming tantrum.’
    • ‘It shakes and rattles as the engine turns over.’