Definition of turn one's back on in English:

turn one's back on


  • 1Ignore (someone) by turning away from them.

    • ‘Karina nearly turned her back on all this but she suddenly heard noises coming from her room.’
    • ‘I turned away quickly, jumping the stairs two at a time to my room, ignoring the screams of, ‘Don't you turn your back on me!’’
    • ‘Jessie's already in the gym, and when she sees me walk in with Eva she just turns her back on me and IGNORES me.’
    • ‘Don't turn your back on me, I won't be ignored!’
    • ‘Ms. Aiken scoffed slightly and turned her back on Tristyn to make her way back to the front of the class.’
    • ‘Without waiting for an answer, I turned my back on him again, trying to ignore the rather intimidating presence of Will standing behind me.’
    • ‘He went, and it cost him his life. You can almost hear her saying to his spirit, ‘How dare you spurn me and turn your back on me?’’
    • ‘Rather oddly, the fireman sporting a handlebar moustache about to sip a saucer of hot cocoa is ignoring the fire ragtag behind him and turns his back on two colleagues who are tackling it.’
    • ‘She froze, then turned her back on him and started walking towards the waterfall.’
    • ‘He turned his back on Brett, trying to ignore him.’
    • ‘I turn my back on Anja and her gang and walk away deciding to ignore them for the rest of the day.’
    • ‘You just had to walk away, turn your back on me, ignore me.’
    • ‘Before his hot temper could boil out wrongfully, Ryuko turned his back on the guardian and walked wordlessly off.’
    snub, slight, spurn, shun, disdain, look right through, look past, give someone the cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, freeze out, steer clear of
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    1. 1.1 Reject or abandon (a person or thing that one was previously involved with)
      ‘she turned her back on her career to devote her life to animals’
      • ‘I turned my back on him, I had rejected him, I had walked away from him.’
      • ‘She turned her back on nine years of teaching and began the daunting task of learning a new profession.’
      • ‘‘I have spent 20-odd years of my working life with the BBC and I don't turn my back on that lightly,’ the 69-year-old said.’
      • ‘He's American, but this Americanism is something he is turning his back on.’
      • ‘What we've done is turned our back on those people, we've abandoned them and said that ‘You're not worthy of having a news service.’
      • ‘But she had thrown them away, turned her back on them to chase heroism.’
      • ‘Now there is her British debut, which is more of a homecoming than people realise. ‘I love living in America, but I could never turn my back on who I am,’ she says.’
      • ‘He was turning his back on all these people that had worked for him and essentially, like a general abandoning his army in the field just before a decisive battle.’
      • ‘You couldn't help thinking of people at school who you'd turned your back on, when vicious cliques had made their days a misery.’
      • ‘But more importantly, you've got to turn your back on all this negative campaigning.’
      • ‘People share a real sense of purpose there and it's not an easy thing to turn your back on.’
      • ‘Here is a gentleman who wants to turn his back on his previous lifestyle and looks to the future with some hope.’
      • ‘Here, it seemed to be saying, is a party that stands for something that the others have turned their back on: real equality and the redistribution of wealth.’
      • ‘He's turned his back on what his duty was, to serve the public, not his buddies in government.’
      • ‘You know, the kind of guy you would never turn your back on in a million years.’
      • ‘Accept this, and be not afraid to turn your back on what you were in order to become something else.’
      • ‘I have got a job and have turned my back on my previous lifestyle.’
      • ‘Her grandmother had never, ever turned her back on anyone, not even the family that ignored her while she was alive.’
      • ‘His father turned his back on all requests for help.’
      • ‘He then turned his back on what he had always known and walked into a new life.’
      abandon, give up, have done with, throw up
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